Website Aloha Worksheet

Students are expected to make regular use of the APUSH Website as a course study tool. This exercise is intended to help Website newcomers become acquainted with its various pages and offerings. Browse the Website to complete the following items (all answers are contained within the Website). You may discover that some of the Website's pages have not yet been updated for the approaching school year. When that occurs, you will have to check back later for information necessary to answer the question correctly. Print this page and write your answers in the space provided beneath each item. Please remember that student work requires name (first and last) and period number in order to receive credit. Assignments are always due at the beginning of the period. Good luck!

  1. The precise due date (month and day) for Worksheet No. 5 is _______________.

  2. How many multiple-choice questions are offered in the "Cheat Sheet" section of each unit's home page?

  3. What is the approximate ratio of freshmen-to-sophomores-to-juniors-to-seniors comprising APUSH classes across the nation?

  4. When does the break for Columbus Day occur during the 2017-18 school year?

  5. Who was the renowned South Carolina politician historically synonymous with vehement opposition to the Tariff of 1828 throughout the Deep South?

  6. Identify two very specific places where APUSH after-hours sessions take place.

  7. Where can America's promise be often seen, especially between September and May?

  8. What is the maximum score (points) for each Primo Outline assignment?

  9. The three Presidents usually ranked by historians and political scientists as America's most outstanding are _______________, _______________, and _______________.

  10. What is answer D for question 7 on the Film Study Guide for the movie Platoon?

  11. What important Supreme Court case temporarily disarmed the 1890 Sherman Anti-Trust Act by drawing a distinction between production and commercial monopolies?

  12. What is the 17th term in the "What's My Line?" part of the Manifest Destiny unit page?

  13. The 2017-18 APUSH National Exam will be administered on May 11 (Friday) at a site to be determined. What are the four types of questions contained within the test?

  14. What specific action is "absolutely verboten" in Tubbs's class?

  15. Which review exam (by number) contains questions about the War of 1812?

  16. What major political party was formed as a function of opposition to President Andrew Jackson?

  17. What happens when you click the Uncle Sam "hardcopy this" poster on the Jeffersonian Democracy unit page?

  18. Identify two major stops, in addition to the Little Bighorn Battlefield Memorial in southeastern Montana, scheduled as part of the three-day APUSH Excursion in April.

  19. What classroom policies/procedures in Tubbs's APUSH class differ from those of Stevens High School and/or the Rapid City School District?

  20. List three areas of student responsibility in which shortcomings could very likely be detrimental to your overall happiness in APUSH.

  21. What is answer B for question 34 on the Review Questions Set No. 5?

  22. Your instructor's favorite President is _______________.

  23. Of the following, circle all items which are required assignments/components for APUSH:

      Notebook  •  Term Project  •  Book Report  •  Community Service  •  Review Sessions

  24. How enthusiastic was Senator Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri regarding federal funding of internal improvements?

  25. What is the overall academic performance percentage that must be earned (bare minimum level) in order for a student to expect a final grade of "A" in APUSH?

  26. Identify two books that would be "worthwhile supplemental reading" when studying the Counterculture Era.

  27. The classroom-honored "Tubbs's 3 Rs" are _______________, _______________, and _______________.

  28. What document is scheduled for study between Joseph McCarthy's "Card-Carrying Communists" speech and Rachel Carson's Silent Spring excerpt?

  29. Do "pop" quizzes happen in APUSH?

  30. Briefly explain why the 1942 Rose Bowl game (Oregon State vs. Duke) relocated from the annual event's usual California site to the East Coast.