"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible."


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In addition to the SHS APUSH class, this Website has served collegians enrolled in HIST 151 & 152 at South Dakota Mines in Rapid City and Black Hills State University in Spearfish.  High school students and teachers across the United States—from Florida to Indiana to New York to Oregon to Texas—have reported accessing and using this Website.

This site was conceived as a whim during the spring of 2000.  Skeletal formation appeared over the ensuing summer months.  There has been extensive progress since, including a major overhaul following the 2005-06 school year.  Another upgrade occurred in mid-2013.  The most recent adjustments, to align Website contents with new College Board course standards and testing procedures for APUSH, took place during 2014-15.

Given this Website is under constant construction and revision, it would not be unusual for a page viewed one day to appear quite different the next day.  As well, some pages may be obviously incomplete or even nonexistent depending on time of the school year.  With this in mind, suggestions regarding improvements or corrections (including typographical errers and grammatical misteaks) are appreciated.

The broad intent of this site is to enhance the learning process and streamline dissemination of educational material.  Perhaps the increased efficiency will impact productivity.  Hence, student and teacher alike benefit.

Parents, as well, may find this Website helpful by occasionally browsing through
its pages to monitor what's happening in the class, whether on a day-to-day basis
or in a more general sense.

This project is respectfully dedicated to the APUSH students of 1999-2000.  Your exemplary dedication to thorough study, commitment to responsible interpretation of American history, and goofy sense of humor were appreciated by the instructor.

"America did not invent human rights.  In a very real sense . . . human rights invented America."

Sun comin' up over New York City,
School bus driver in a traffic jam;
Starin' at the faces in her rearview mirror,
Lookin' at the promise of the Promised Land.
One kid dreams of fame and fortune,
One kid helps pay the rent;
One could end up goin' to prison,
One just might be president.

Only in America,
Dreamin' in red, white, and blue;
Only in America,
Where we dream as big as we want to!
We all get a chance,
Everybody gets to dance,
Only in America.
Sun goin' down on an LA freeway,
Newlyweds in the back of a limousine;
A welder's son and a banker's daughter,
All they want is everything.
She came out here to be an actress,
He was the singer in a band;
They just might go back to South Dakota,
And talk about the stars they could have been.

Only in America,
Dreamin' in red, white, and blue;
Only in America,
Where we dream as big as we want to!
We all get a chance,
Everybody gets to dance,
Only in America.

"Double—no triple—our troubles and we'd still be better off than any other people on earth."

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since the Roswell Incident of 1947!

"We believe . . . all men are created equal because they are created in the image of God."


"Only in America"   by Brooks & Dunn