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Advanced Placement
American History
The Presidents


Washington Lincoln FDR

Jefferson Jackson
Polk T. Roosevelt
Wilson Truman

J. Adams Monroe
Cleveland McKinley
Eisenhower JFK LBJ

Tyler Taylor
Fillmore Coolidge

Pierce Buchanan
A. Johnson Grant
Harding Hoover Nixon

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., 1996
  1. Lincoln
  2. FDR
  3. Washington
  4. Jefferson
  5. T. Roosevelt
  6. Wilson
  7. Truman
  8. Jackson
  9. Eisenhower
10. Madison
11. Polk
12. LBJ
13. Monroe
14. J. Adams
15. JFK
   • • •
37. Pierce
38. Grant
39. A. Johnson
40. Buchanan
41. Harding

William J. Ridings, Jr. & Stuart B. McIver, 1997
Washington Jefferson
Lincoln FDR

Jackson T. Roosevelt
Wilson Truman

J. Adams Madison
Monroe J. Q. Adams
Polk Cleveland
Eisenhower JFK LBJ

Tyler Taylor Fillmore Pierce Buchanan
A. Johnson Coolidge Nixon

Grant Harding

William A. McClenaghan, 1997
   1. Lincoln
   2. Washington
   3. FDR
   4. Jefferson
   5. T. Roosevelt
   6. Wilson
   7. Truman
   8. Jackson
   9. Polk
(tie) Eisenhower

   1. Harding
   2. Buchanan
   3. Pierce
   4. Grant
   5. A. Johnson
   6. Fillmore
   7. Nixon
   8. Tyler
   9. Coolidge
 10. Hoover

James MacGregor Burns, et al., 2000

  Clearly important accomplishment which produced decidedly positive results (immediate and eventual) affecting
       widespread America; highly praised among historians with little or no exception.
  Historically noteworthy event; however, historians bestow mixed judgments regarding the outcomes, or the effects
       are inherently awkward to assign any sort of blanket evaluation.
  Represents major shortcoming within this presidential administration; the action is routinely questioned or openly
       criticized by historians due to evident flaws.

Harry S. Truman    Democrat / Missouri (KJ)

"When even one forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth,
 then all Americans are in peril."
—President Harry S Truman 

  Forced to make decision regarding use of atomic bomb (1945)
  United Nations chartered (1945)
  Extended FDR's "New Deal" with limited success
  Repelled communist aggression toward Greece & Turkey (1947)
  Marshall Plan (1947)
  Hiss-Chambers case (1948)
  Berlin Airlift (1948)
  NATO founded (1949)
  Endured onset of McCarthyism (1950)
  North Korean violation of 38th parallel sparks Korean War (1950)
  McCarran Internal Security Act (1950)

FUN FACT #1: Truman did not have a middle name; the "S" simply stands alone!
FUN FACT #2: Bess Truman was the longest living First Lady!

Gerald Ford    Republican / Michigan (FJ)

"For myself and for our nation, I want to thank my predecessor for all he has done to
 heal our land."
—President Jimmy Carter 

  Pardoned former President Richard Nixon of Watergate crimes (1974)
  Sought completion of SALT II Treaty (1974)
  Helsinki Accords (1975)
  Mayagüez incident (1975)

FUN FACT #1: Ford played football for the University of Michigan; he was the team's MVP his senior year!
FUN FACT #2: Ford is the only President never elected to the presidency or vice-presidency!

Jimmy Carter    Democrat / Georgia (DD)

"We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles."
—President Jimmy Carter 

  Pardoned 10,000 Vietnam War "draft-dodgers" (1976)
  Department of Energy created (1977)
  Camp David Accords (1978)
  Panama Canal Zone Treaty (1978)
  Iran hostage crisis (1979)
  1980 Olympics boycotted & SALT II derailed in response to Soviet aggression

FUN FACT #1: Carter was the first President elected from the Deep South since the Civil War!
FUN FACT #2: Four Presidents—T. Roosevelt, Wilson, Carter, and Obama— have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

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