Welcome to the wonderful world of APUSH! As a fresh APUSHer, you are expected to complete a small array of preparatory course work before the first day of school in August. The summer assignments package appears below (simply hover & click to access each item).

The primary APUSH course textbook is The American Nation by John Garraty and Mark Carnes. It can be obtained from your APUSH instructor until school adjourns for summer, or by visiting the main office at Stevens High School during June and July. You will not be able to work through the summer assignments without it.

Carefully review this information to be sure you fully understand expectations for the APUSH summer prep work. Contact the instructor if questions or issues arise. However, keep in mind that e-mail is not checked on a routine basis, especially in June and July, hence hope of an immediate reply is unrealistic.

Necessary modifications of the APUSH Website tend to happen somewhat slowly during the summer. Please be patient and check back periodically if desired pages are visibly outdated, somehow lacking, or simply unavailable. By late July or early August, most of the important Website revisions for the approaching school year will be complete.

Perhaps maintaining some sort of folder to aid organization of all APUSH material through the summer would be beneficial for you. Your successful journey through APUSH starts now!

1. Take time to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the APUSH
    Website. You will use it extensively during the school year.

     Read & ponder John F. Kennedy's essay (located at           STUDYING HISTORY on this Website). Respond to the
          following two items.
           • What is the significance of the collection of historical figures atop the JFK essay?
           • Select one person per row (three total). Make a statement (2-3 sentences) telling why
                   that person might hold special meaning for you.

     Read & ponder "How APUSH Changed My World" essay by
          Clarissa Petres (located at WHY APUSH? on this Website).

2. Read & study Garraty thru page 97, inc. Prologue, Chapter
    One, Chapter Two, and part of Chapter Three. You can stop
    at "The Sugar Act" on page 97.

     Print & complete Worksheet #1: Discovery, Settlement, and

     Print & complete Worksheet #2: Colonial America.

3. Read & study the following primary documents. Print all four;
    answer questions (in space provided) which accompany the
    Edwards and Equiano readings.

     Edward Winslow & William Bradford: The "First Thanksgiving"
          at Plymouth

     Andrew Hamilton: The Defense of John Peter Zenger.

     Jonathan Edwards: "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

     Olaudah Equiano: Description of the Middle Passage.

4. Read & absorb the following selections. Answer questions
    (in space provided) which accompany the Boller piece.

     "Pre-Columbian America" by Paul F. Boller.

     "The Puritan Way" by John C. Miller.

5. Listen to the following podcasts.




6. Complete the following miscellaneous tasks.

     Read & contemplate general letter (see below) regarding
          important APUSH expectations.

     Be sure instructor has your correct e-mail address; check
          e-mailbox regularly for APUSH summer notices.

     Enjoy the summer—family & friends, the beautiful Black Hills,
          travel near & far.


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