Welcome to the wonderful world of APUSH! As a fresh APUSHer, you are expected to tackle a small collection of preparatory course work prior to arriving for the first day of school next August. Completion of the summer parcel enables students and instructor to hit the ground running when class commences in the fall.

The summer prep bundle is detailed below (hover & click to access each item). All materials are available on this Website except the two textbooks. American History (15th ed.) by Alan Brinkley is the "official" course textbook. It will be distributed to you through the usual classroom issue process during the first week of the school year.

In the meantime, you can work through the APUSH summer assignments using The American Nation (12th ed.) by John Garraty & Mark Carnes, which can be obtained from the instructor until school adjourns for summer, or by visiting the registrarís office at Stevens High School during June and July.

Starting next fall, Garraty/Carnes will serve as your supplemental "home" textbook to be used in conjunction with Brinkley. Both books provide excellent college-level survey presentations of United States history. (Actually, feel free to choose either Garraty or Brinkley as your preferred source; use the other for support.)

Carefully review this information to be certain you fully understand expectations for the APUSH summer prep work. Contact the instructor if questions or issues arise. However, keep in mind that e-mail is not checked on a regular schedule, especially during June and July, hence hope of an immediate reply is unrealistic.

Necessary modifications of the APUSH Website tend to happen somewhat slowly during the summer. Please be patient and check back periodically if desired pages are visibly outdated, somehow lacking, or simply unavailable. By late July or early August, most of the important Website revisions for the approaching school year will be complete.

The summer assignments group is a fair sampling of what might be issued over a five-day span of the regular school year. Perhaps maintaining a folder or binder to aid organization through the summer would be beneficial for you. Your successful journey through APUSH starts now!

1. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the APUSH Website.

     Print & complete Website Aloha Worksheet.

     Print & read Basic Classroom Protocol (aka Smooth Sailin').

     Have parent(s) read, then sign & date Classroom Protocol.

2. Read & study Garraty thru page 97, inc. Prologue, Chapter
    One, Chapter Two, and part of Chapter Three. You can stop
    at "The Sugar Act" on page 97.

     Print & complete Worksheet #1: Discovery, Settlement, and

     Print & complete Worksheet #2: Colonial America.

3. Read & study the following primary documents. Print all four;
    answer questions (in space provided) which accompany the
    Edwards and Equiano readings.

     Edward Winslow & William Bradford: The "First Thanksgiving"
          at Plymouth

     Andrew Hamilton: The Defense of John Peter Zenger.

     Jonathan Edwards: "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

     Olaudah Equiano: Description of the Middle Passage.

4. Complete the following miscellaneous tasks.

     Read & contemplate general letter (see below) regarding
          important APUSH expectations.

     Print & complete Pre-Class Self-Awareness Questionnaire.

     Be sure instructor has your correct e-mail address; check
          e-mailbox regularly for APUSH summer notices.

     Enjoy the summer—family & friends, the beautiful Black Hills,
          travel near & far.


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