Book Report

Select a book from the reading list provided. However, you may not choose a book you have read previously. If you wish to read a book not contained in the list, your selection must be approved by the instructor. Should you choose a book not on the list and proceed without instructor's approval, you run the risk of rejection later. Your book report should contain four parts (see following). You must address all parts well in order to earn a high score. The finished product will be 3-5 typed (double-spaced) pages. Do not submit your report with any sort of cover sheet or binder; simply staple the sheets in the upper left-hand corner. Feel free to consult the instructor at any time for assistance. No late papers accepted.


Include in this section a brief summary of the book and biography of the author. What is the general subject? Is the book fiction or non-fiction? When was the book published? What are the author's credentials? What are some of the author's other important writings? Is there anything about the author's life that is important to know relative to the book? What was the author's purpose for writing? Did the author/book receive any awards?


Provide a factual account of the person, event, and/or era of the book. Once that is completed, link the book to real history in some meaningful way. How accurately does the story depict actual history? Use examples to support your statements. Do not plagiarize!


Imagine yourself in the context of the book. Describe your emotions (use your heart) and state how you think you might have acted (use your head) under identical circumstances. Was there one particular person or episode in the book that especially captured your attention? Although you may wish to include some comments about the book, this section is more than simply stating how much you liked/disliked what you read.


You must employ at least three scholarly references for all historical data used to complete the book report. List them in some organized format. One source should be your classroom textbook, if possible. Do not use encyclopedias.


  • Is your book an acceptable choice for the assignment?
  • Have you included brief biographical information about the author?
  • Did you mention the date the book was written?
  • Did you include a statement about the author's purpose for writing the book?
  • Have you acknowledged any awards the book and/or author received?
  • Have you adequately summarized the content in your own words?
  • Does your report contain your thoughtful personal reaction, either about the book/story in general or concerning a particular character or incident?
  • Have you drawn a link between American history and your summary and/or reaction?
  • Does your report contain a few bits of historical data researched from another source?
  • Is your report typed with appropriate font size, line spacing, and page margins?
  • Is your paper without spelling errors?
  • Is the book's title underscored or italicized?
  • Did you use white paper and is it free of wrinkles and stains?
  • Is your report neatly stapled in the upper left-hand corner?
  • Did you submit the assignment on time, and does your paper show your full name and period number?