Community Service

You are required to complete an activity, apart from your normal routine, that benefits another person or some civic organization. This activity will be scored. Follow the guidelines presented below in order to receive full credit.

    •  Your activity must occupy at least one hour of your time that would not otherwise
       have been set aside for this (or similar) purpose.

    •  Your activity cannot be something in which you are already engaged, indirectly or

    •  Your activity must be completed separate from family members.

    •  Your activity must be rendered on a strictly volunteer basis. No remuneration of
       any form can be accepted.

    •  Examples of acceptable activities include blood donation, mission work, and
       focused random litter pick-up.

    •  Examples of unacceptable activities include cleaning the garage, mowing the lawn,
       and brushing your teeth.

    •  If in doubt, see the instructor for approval of activity. The instructor may have some

    •  The instructor will determine a deadline for completion of this activity. No credit
       allowed for community service not completed by announced deadline.

    •  You must submit verification of your activity, including brief description, date
       completed, and signature of supervisory person.

    •  Be sure to explain this activity to the person(s) in charge of overseeing your effort.

    •  Please see the instructor if you have questions or concerns, including desired
       modification of any item above.