In response to long-term disruption of the classroom setting caused by the COVID -19 affair, ongoing APUSH news and announcements will be posted on this page. To assist in distinguishing past material from newer information, items (grouped) will show in various colors.

  • The APUSH National Exam will take place on Friday 15 May at 12:00 noon MDT.

  • All APUSHers will complete the National Exam electronically.

  • APUSHers will have 45 minutes to complete one DBQ (no choice).

  • Full details are available on the College Board website.

  • Extensive guidelines have been issued by RCAS administration regarding the COVID-19 recess.

  • Your instructor remains dedicated to providing APUSHers with maximum academic opportunity.

  • Any APUSH deviation from RCAS edicts during the COVID-19 recess is unintentional.

  • Your instructor's office hours range from 4:00 am to 11:00 pm (8 days a week).

  • APUSH sessions will occur M-W-F 1:00 pm beginning Monday 13 April (tentative).

  • APUSHers are hereby segregated: "Examers" & "Nopes." Please be heads-up about this.

  • The universe has equal buckets of love for Examers & Nopes, Nopes & Examers.

  • APEXers → fees paid will receive 100% refund. No checks have been cashed. More info later.

  • No instruction/assignments allowed by RCAS administration during "spring break" period.

  • However, we can still communicate, and I can certainly assist in any(?) manner you choose!

  • For your review → I am glad to make M-C exams (and keys) available to you at any time. Ask!

  • Reality = pathway thru the COVID-19 recess is not a perfect one-size-fits-all.

  • Your instructor continues to encourage/appreciate inquiries aimed at clarification.

  • Your instructor continues to recognize/appreciate your diligence & responsibility for self.

  • Your instructor is not off-duty during "spring break" week. Replies to e-mails within 24 hours.

  • Period 6 → no viable finish for collaborative effort w/ Ms. Huber's class. Therefore, done.

  • Periods 7 & 8 → no viable end for book report activity. Therefore, done (save work so far).

  • Old news = WW1, 1920s, 1930s, Between Wars, WW2 should soon be in your rear view mirror!

  • Examers & Nopes → for five topics above, all items under COVID-19 LEARNING required.

  • Examers only → for all five topics, podcasts under COVID-19 DRIVE-THRU required.

  • Examers & Nopes → COVID-19 DRIVE-THRU movies = 100% optional based on interest.

  • Examers & Nopes → COVID-19 DRIVE-THRU readings (Allen, Tubbs) = required.

  • Examers & Nopes → due date for all required items (above) = Monday 20 April.

  • You should be finished with Political Cartoons LABrador, right? It was due many moons ago.

  • Heads-up = Optical Emulsion LABrador is coming. Very similar to Political Cartoons LABrador.

  • Heads-up = Common Thread LABrador soon to be assigned. Click below for all LABrador guidelines.

  • APEXers → please inform parents that checks will be shredded. Contact me if unacceptable.

  • Your instructor will continue to be in-touch & on-duty (25/8) during "spring break" days.

  • session Monday 13 April 1:00 = trial run; clarification time; "moving forward" talk; etc.

  • Gradebook 100% current. Please share/explain any errors now regarding submitted material!


Political Cartoons

Optical Emulsion

Common Thread

World War I | The 1920s | The 1930s | Between World Wars | World War II