In the fall of 2005, after ending a somewhat uncomfortable press conference in Beijing, President George Bush sought relief with a hurried exit, but the nearest doors were not willing. Episodes such as this, coupled with a knack for mispronunciation ("nucular" and "strategery"), led to unfair ridicule of Bush as a White House simpleton, much like former President Gerald Ford. America overcame the 9/11 attack—the Pearl Harbor of world terrorism—under the guidance of Bush.

  HIST 152 Syllabus

  HIST 152 Textbook

  Kennedy: Studying History

  Baker: Presentism

  Boller: Pre-Columbian America

  Synopsis of American Political Parties

  Studying History Through Political Cartoons

  Lecture Guide!  America's Frontier West

  History by the Numbers: Western Railway Construction

  Lecture Guide!  The Age of Big Business

  History by the Numbers: Captains of Industry

  America's Monopoly Menace

  Lecture Guide!  The Gilded Age

  Lecture Guide!  The Progressive Movement

  Lecture Guide!  America's Global Expansionism

  Lecture Guide!  World War I

  Lecture Guide!  The Roaring Twenties

  History by the Numbers: Mount Rushmore

  Lecture Guide!  The Great Depression & FDR's New Deal

  The Great Depression & FDR's New Deal Political Cartoons

  Lecture Guide!  World War II

  Tubbs: Ending World War II

  Lecture Guide!  The Cold War

  Lecture Guide!  The Fabulous Fifties

  Lecture Guide!  The Counterculture Era

  History by the Numbers: Nixon's Watergate

  Rock & Roll Concert Handbills

  Lecture Guide!  New Times

  Tubbs: America's Best & Worst Presidents

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