In the fall of 2005, after ending a somewhat uncomfortable press conference in Beijing, President George Bush sought relief with a hurried exit, but the nearest doors were not willing. Episodes such as this, coupled with a knack for mispronunciation ("nucular" and "strategery"), led to unfair ridicule of Bush as a White House simpleton, much like former President Gerald Ford. America overcame the 9/11 attack—the Pearl Harbor of world terrorism—under the guidance of Bush.

  HIST 152 Syllabus

  HIST 152 Textbook

  Kennedy: Studying History

  Baker: Presentism

  Boller: Pre-Columbian America

  Synopsis of American Political Parties

  Lecture Guide!  America's Frontier West

  America's Monopoly Menace

  Lecture Guide!  The Age of Big Business

  Lecture Guide!  The Gilded Age

  Lecture Guide!  The Progressive Movement

  Lecture Guide!  America's Global Expansionism

  Lecture Guide!  World War I

  Lecture Guide!  The Roaring Twenties

  The Great Depression & FDR's New Deal Political Cartoons

  Lecture Guide!  The Great Depression & FDR's New Deal

  Tubbs: Ending World War II

  Lecture Guide!  World War II

  Lecture Guide!  The Cold War

  Lecture Guide!  The Fabulous Fifties

  Rock & Roll Concert Handbills

  Lecture Guide!  The Counterculture Era

  Lecture Guide!  New Times

  Tubbs: America's Best & Worst Presidents

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