While visiting Austria in 1975, President Gerald Ford lost his footing on the Air Force One stairs. This awkward moment, along with several other public gaffes—wild golf shots and errant tennis volleys (bonking spectators and playing partners), plus additional stumbling incidents—garnered the former University of Michigan football player his dubious reputation as clumsy and even somewhat dimwitted.  In reality, Ford graced the American presidency with dignity, intelligence, and honesty, much needed after the demise of Richard Nixon.

  HIST 151 Syllabus

  HIST 151 Textbook

  Kennedy: Studying History

  Baker: Presentism

  Boller: Pre-Columbian America

  Lecture Guide!  Discovery & Settlement

  History by the Numbers: Clash of Cultures

  Lecture Guide!  The Colonial Era

  History by the Numbers: The Jamestown Colony

  Lecture Guide!  The American Revolution

  History by the Numbers: The Battle of Trenton

  American Resistance & Revolution in Artwork

  Lecture Guide!  The Critical Period

  Lecture Guide!  The Federalist Era

  Synopsis of American Political Parties

  Lecture Guide!  Jeffersonian Democracy

  History by the Numbers: The Battle of New Orleans

  Lecture Guide!  The Age of Jackson

  Love & Romance in Early 1800s America

  Lecture Guide!  Manifest Destiny

  Lecture Guide!  Sectionalism & Secession

  Alternative Class Session Option for 1850s

  Lecture Guide!  The Civil War

  Confederate Flags That Never Flew

  Lecture Guide!  Reconstruction

  Tubbs: Johnson's Impeachment

  Tubbs: America's Best & Worst Presidents

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